Fergusons Bakery Ltd.
Block 6, Glenfield Place, Glencairn Industrial Estate, Kilmarnock, KA1 4AY

"Having had Merit Bakery Software installed here some time ago, I would take this opportunity to thank you and your colleagues for the excellent and professional service you provided throughout the installation and for your ongoing support.

The System itself, which we have found to be extremely user friendly, has transformed all of our processes using the many features available with regard to Office, Production and Distribution. Add to that the outstanding reporting available and you really do have the ideal Bakery Software and the bonus is, it's paid for itself through savings and improved efficiencies throughout our operation.

The regular updates you provide keep the application at the forefront and the outstanding support you provide reinforces the confidence that we all need to have in our systems.

Once again, many thanks to you and your colleagues at Merit."
- Jim Ferguson, Fergusons Bakers Limited, Kilmarnock

The Premium Roll Company
9 Dryden Vale, Bilston Glen, Industrial Estate, Loanhead, Midlothian, EH20 9HN

"I am writing to express my appreciation of the Merit software which has recently been installed here at the Premium Roll Company.

The system was recommended to us by a number of colleagues in the trade, within a matter of weeks you had our existing system audited and interviewed our key staff to understand exactly what our present and future requirements would be. The installation over two days was seamless and our customers were immediately commenting on the improvements that had been made to our delivery note/billing system.

The Merit system has freed up time in terms of administration so much so that we can concentrate on improving our margins and most importantly our service delivery to our customers. 
There seems nothing that you haven’t thought of in terms of what a baker requires from a piece of software, next to our roll machine the Merit system has to be up there as the greatest tangible asset our business has invested in.

I would also pay tribute to your back up service which has truly lived up to its name both during and out of office hours. Finally you may have realised that I’m a pretty frugal Scotsman who has been there, seen it and done it in this wonderful trade, so praise from me is praise indeed!

Keep up the good work."
- Peter Ford, Premium Roll Company, Midlothian

Gibbon & Sons Ltd
Unit, 2B Esperanto Way, Newport, Gwent NP19 0RD

"Bob, I just want to give you an update on our progress using the above system. Despite, my staff not wanting change from your brilliant 'cobs' system they have
asked me to tell you that 'SOM' is the new 'cobs'. After receiving the 2 days training we couldn't wait to go live.

I asked them why they are so enthusiastic about the new software and these are some of their comments.

* User friendly
Both practical and logical.

* The ability to open and reference several different screens at once.

* The facility to export reports etc to other software.

* Regular software updates, bringing new reports and functions.

* End of day report profiles.(Brilliant, this takes the human error out of the end of day
procedure. None of the necessary reports or delivery notes gets forgotten)

* Simple and easy to follow EDI systems.

From my point of view as Office Manager, I know that my staff has an accurate system they are totally at ease with. Last but certainly not least, from past experience I know we have the backing and assurance of an excellent 24hr support team."
- Carole, D, Gibbon & Sons Ltd, Newport

Culloden Foods Ltd
T/A Harry Gow, Smithton Industrial Estate, Inverness IV2 7WL

“Web Sales Management has played a vital role in the company’s expansion over the last few years.”
“It allows us to control all our shops centrally. “
  “ No more faxing , collating and phoning...”
  “.. we now have a seamless, automated system, allowing that employee to use her time far more effectively”
“The great thing is that every time we open a new shop the money we save increases because there are no additional admin costs for us.
We’re easily saving 25 man hours a week at our present size, and that saving will grow with each new store we open!
- Culloden Foods, Inverness

Barkers Bakery Ltd
Broad Lane, Cottenham, Cambridge CB24 8SW

"Barkers have been customers of Merit with both COBS and SOM for many years, and are very pleased with the high level of support and the quick response to requests for changes. The software performs well and Merit are always at the end of the line when we need them, whether it's calls for help or on-line training. Our staff are always extremely busy, and SOM has enabled us to keep our office and production efficiency at a high level throughout all the economic ups and downs"

-  Commercial Director, Barkers Bakery, Cottenham, Cambridge (www.barkers-bakery.co.uk)

Jacksons The Bakers Ltd
Falcon Yard, Low Pavmement, Chesterfield S40 1PF

Merit have been providing our IT software and support for twenty three years, driving our business along as a consequence. They always appear to be one step ahead of the ‘game’ with improvements and innovations and our business has benefitted greatly from them. They have a very personal approach which has created a very close working relationship.’

- Trevor Jackson, Managing Director,Jacksons The Bakers