Till Sales and Web Ordering

  1. Reduces form-filling
  2. Reduces load on central admin
  3. Increases efficiency and accuracy

This powerful web-based module integrates your shops ePOS system with the Foodlogik database, providing seamless integration from tills to production. This is proven to achieve significant savings in time, improvements in order accuracy, reduction in waste and increases in shop turnover. The two main components are Till Sales and Web Ordering.

  • Web Ordering
    • Daily Ordering - Enter tomorrow's orders on-line
    • Weekly Ordering – Permanent order schedule
    • Shop Figures – Record today’s shop stock, shorts, returns, waste, transfers - this gives the true stock available for sale
      • User- and Shop-based settings
      • Product Restrictions by Shop
      • Ordering cut-off times
      • Comparison with last week’s order
    • Purchasing
      • Order Direct from the shop
      • Delivery address automatically pre-set
      • Deliveries to shop locations
      • Ingredients or third-party products
    • All fully integrated with the bakery
  • Till Sales – integration with ePOS
  • Standard ePOS Interface Module
  • Flexible and configurable to join to your ePOS system
  • Already pre-configured for/in discussion with:
    • C2Epos
    • Fidelity Total Control and Total Control Premier
    • EPOS Group Quantum
    • RSA
  • A product price change or description at head-office automatically appears on the shop till, web or hand-held device on a given start date.
  • Excess wastage reporting, showing returns over and above a pre-set tolerance set by product, or group as a percentage of sales
  • Up sell your product range by identifying stock repeatedly sold out too early
  • Highlight excessive returns/waste by historical data
  • Identify stock discrepancies by highlighting differences between the true returned quantity against theoretical return figures
  • Till Sales - What could you save?
    1. Save in the region of 2% to 4%
    2. Track-down stock discrepancies and leakage
    3. Measure and reduce waste
    4. Avoid excess stock that just produces even more waste
    5. Plan to hold enough stock - not too much or too little
    6. Up-sell your products and increase turnover
    7. Report what time the products sell out
    8. Make sure enough product is on the shelf at a specified time
    9. Don’t sell out early every day!
  • What our customers say:
    1. “Web Ordering has played a vital role in the company’s expansion over the last few years.”
    2. “It allows us to control all our shops centrally. “
    3. “No more faxing , collating and phoning...”
    4. “.. we now have a seamless, automated system, allowing our employees to use their time far more effectively, rather than duplicating data entry”
    5. “The great thing is that every time we open a new shop the money we save increases because there are no additional admin costs for us.
    6. We’re easily saving 25 man hours a week at our present size, and that saving will grow with each new store we open!”
'Merit stood out from the competition because the features seemed to fit pretty well 100% with what we do'