Recipe and Specification Management

  • Calculate your product and base mix costs
    1. Quickly
    2. Easily
    3. Accurately

Fully integrated with production control and ingredients, this feature- rich module holds the key to measuring profitability and thus business success.

  • Easy on-line cost estimates – all in one, easy-to- use program.
  • Comprehensive recipe costing and formulation allowing unlimited breakdown into unlimited sub mixes with unlimited interim stages.
  • Multiple stages, with stage notes and manufacturing instructions
  • Detailed mix requirements showing ingredient breakdown
  • Calculate weight and suggested price, allowing for yield and losses
  • Enter ingredients, packaging, labour and overheads
  • Mark-ups can be set against the entire recipe, ingredient analysis groups or against the individual recipe line item.
  • Analysis can be shown against the recipe stage or against the whole product.
  • All recipe modifications e.g. ingredient price change are stored historically so that trends or comparisons can be reported on
  • Graphical view of recipes
  • ‘Where-used’ facility - find recipes by ingredient and find products by base mix
  • Health and Safety – record Allergy Groups, Traffic Light Groups and Additive Groups
  • Recipe optimized to mix/bowl size, for use on mix preparation sheet
  • Automatic update of recipe costs when ingredient cost change
  • Version controlled by date – old recipes are held indefinitely for future reference

Product Specifications

  • Full specification report and case label
  • Ingredient declaration formatted to official guidelines
  • Additives, allergens, nutritional values, product suitability, certification and packaging information
  • Additive "where used"
  • Certification renewal reminders
'The Merit system has paid for itself through savings and improvements'