Production Planning

Planning and controlling production while also keeping a handle on costs and traceability is the constant food producer's headache. Merit's Food Management System enables you to deal with these problems efficiently and effectively with its leading production control module, which integrates seamlessly with sales and despatch to help your business to improve efficiency, profitability and customer service.

  • Daily and weekly forecasting
  • Materials and packaging requirements
  • Automatically generates consolidated product requirements reports, customer arrays and product arrays
  • Automatically generates picking lists, optionally sorted by round drop sequence
  • Unlimited product categorisation - A single product can be a member of multiple categories e.g. fresh cream chocolate topped doughnut can belong to a doughnut, chocolate topping and fresh cream lists
  • Production/packing breakdown by customer, customer group, distribution points, customer round, product types etc.
  • “Special item” production reports for customisable products e.g. celebration cakes with one off inscriptions and/or designs
  • Automatically details the mix requirements showing ingredient breakdown
  • Production recipe automatically optimised to mix/bowl size
  • Generates finished products and/or mix make sheets
  • Real time daily or weekly production requirements with optional shop floor recording
  • Optional works order control, based on standard recipe
  • Works order ingredients can be changed independently of the recipe
  • Optional “back-flushed” ingredient usage recording
  • Comprehensive traceability from ingredient to mix to finished goods
  • Interface to Stevens weigh-scale system
  • Numerous packing sheet formats in multiple breakdown types
  • Collate labelling quantity requirements by label type, size, customer etc.
  • Generate ingredient requirements, for use by purchasing and planning
  • Comprehensive production reporting with a multitude of standard reporting formats, customisable to your requirements
  • Actual vs Planned costs reporting per batch, product or mix


'Human error has been taken out of end-of-day procedures. None of the necessary reports or delivery notes gets forgotten'