Management Reporting

Merit’s FoodLogik comprises all of the data required for informed decision-making. This would include daily and weekly operational reporting or longer term reports, for example for trend analysis or year –on-year comparisons.

  • You can preview any printed document or report – no more wasted paper, and saves a lot of time!
  • Report parameters (or “profiles”) can be stored for fully -automated and scheduled print processing - so you can go on holiday in the secure knowledge that un-trained staff will be capable of producing invoices, production reports and debtors lists, for example, with a single click of the button
  • All of the management reports can provide details and analysis in many variations of design layout, called “formats”, and can be readily customised to your specific business requirements.
  • Examples of all of the system reports can be seen in the Downloads section
  • Customer sales analysis shows information such as gross value, discounts, sales value, returns, net value, actual cost (based on recipe cost), profit value, profit %, returns % etc. Numerous methods of breakdown are possible e.g. customer category, round or type.
  • Product sales analysis shows multiple variations on sales quantity, unit cost (based on recipe cost), average selling price, total value, margin value, margin % and the same details at gross value. Breakdowns can be obtained by product grouping, product, margin, sales quantity, by customer and product and several other criteria.
  • Numerous sales reporting by various time periods, product and customer selections. Too many to mention here!
  • In order to achieve faster and more comprehensive sales and contribution reporting the system stores data by week, month or any other time period you may choose. This can hold and show information by customer or product with all accumulated year to date sales figures. These can be broken down by customer type, customer group, product type, product group with cost analysis breakdown e.g. by raw material, packaging, labour etc.
  • Most reports, depending on their layout, can be exported to CSV for further analysis with Excel, Access or other industry-standard packages.
  • The Food Management System uses open database technology (ODBC), so all the data tables can be enquired on directly by industry standard systems such as MS Query, Excel, Access, Crystal Reports etc., enabling you to generate your own customised reports and enquiries.
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