Date published Tue 28th Feb'17

Foodlogik links up with Stevens Traceability to provide seamless production control

Stevens interface

The Stevens interface is designed to streamline the data flow between these complementary systems, improving efficiency and reliability and thus providing confidence in your traceability records and your production costs. The interface has been proven during a recent implementation in a well-regarded craft baker, who supply major retailers and pub chains in fast-growing volumes.

As an existing user of both Foodlogik and Stevens, the bakery already managed recipes, stocks and production planning within Foodlogik. The next link in the chain was to send jobs on a daily basis to the Stevens database using Stevens Integration Services. This meant little or no dislocation to existing procedures in the stores or the office, but major efficiency benefits in the use of the weighscales and traceabilty in the bakery.

Merit and Stevens worked together to provide joined-up implementation approach for the bakery and that is our aim for future projects. Due to the nature of the software, the interface is inherently flexible so we will visit and analyse the customers’ needs before jointly recommending the most beneficial scope and implementation method.

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