Date published Tue 23rd Apr'19

Foodlogik Latest Enhancements - Something for Everyone!

Foodlogik continues to forge ahead with a constant stream of enhancements all designed to keep our software ahead of the curve. Here's a list of small and large development projects completed since last summer, with many more on the way all the time.

Android Shop and Wholesale Orders

It’s a mobile world and low-cost Android devices have become much more widespread, from 10” tablets down to Smartphones. Foodlogik has been available and in use on that sort of  device for well over a year and is significantly  bringing down admin costs for our retail customers. This module also allows wholesale customers to securely connect and raise orders, saving significant costs and improving control at head office. These savings are not just in  order processing, but also from the benefits of having a central database to control product availability, suggested orders, permanent orders and cut-off times all from the head office. This has been proven to lead directly to improved profitability - as one of our typical customers (with a 45-shop estate and many wholesale customers) says: “For a modest outlay we have already added significantly to the bottom line”. Click this link for more details:

Web Ordering Revamp
Responding to customer demand for smaller, slicker screens to fit on smaller ePos terminals and tablets, the entire web interface has been improved to make the user experience that much smoother, faster and more productive. You can now send messages to terminals and control user access so your stores and wholesale customers can only access the data they need to see. Here are some examples:

Stock Manager – New Android Handheld
FoodLogik’s simple to use Android Stock Manager is yet another productivity tool from Merit Technology. No more need to print a check-list, write in the balances and type it all in again. Just go to the warehouse, scan the barcode label and enter the new balance. Foodlogik is instantly up-to-date with all the new balances and batch numbers, enabling stock traceability and stock valuation reports to be printed straight away. Stock Manager’s intuitive screens enable you to gain on-line control of your stocks and trace-ability. When used in concert with Foodlogik’s Purchasing and Goods Receiving module, Stock Manager provides a fully automated end-to-end stock control system with minimal additional staff training. Based on low-cost Android scanners, Stock Manager promises to pay back quickly and vastly improve stock accuracy, leaving you more time to run your business effectively.

Enhanced Daily Ordering
Daily ordering is a central focus for any Foodlogik operation, so there have been several enhancements for general and specific customer requirements:
• Order Status - a new screen shows the status of all customer orders so you can at a glance tell if orders have been entered, charged or invoiced for any specific date. Here's an example :
• Order History - a new hot-key pops-up the order history for this customer so you can see the most popular or best-value items and also select which items to add to the order.
• Retail sales history – a new window to show the last six weeks’ sales and returns imported from ePos, or the last six weeks deliver history if preferred.
• Order Date Change – many customers order several days or weeks ahead and plans often change, so this allows you to switch the order date without having to copy the order.

Delivery Adjustments

There are now even more Delivery Adjustment options that extend the system's flexibility:
Option 1: New columns  to shows todays till sales and the next day’s order, and also allows you to change it.
Option 2 : Shows decimal quantities e.g. for part-packs. Especially useful for non-food items such cartons or kitchen  rolls, in        which "one and a half packs" is easier to enter if the exact pack-size isn't known.
Option 3: A hot-key has been set up to show six-week history of returns, for immediate comparison when the figure seems out of the ordinary.

Personalised Look and Feel
Dare to be different! Each customer or even PC can now have their own individual colour scheme to suit their preference, using the "Colour Scheme Picker". Click this link to see how:

New Suggested Orders
For several years our customers have been using Foodlogik’s Suggested Orders module to extrapolate sales history per day and automatically generate the next day’s order. This is especially useful for shops and vans where the suggested order is a guide and can over-written by the store manager depending on local knowledge. The new algorithms optionally take into account “outliers”, retained stock and waste allowance either overall or per store.

Auto-Raise Ingredient Purchase Orders
This new screen enables you to confirm automatic PO suggestions based on current stocks and ingredient usage history. When you click the button, the PO is automatically emailed to the supplier making the whole process as seamless, quick and efficient as possible.

Contract Purchasing System
Foodlogik can be used for purchasing all types of items, such as hygiene, engineering and services as well as ingredients and packaging. Additionally, Foodlogik now enables you to set up long term supplier contracts so you can keep track of the outstanding costs for servicing and hire agreements.

User Authorisation Levels for Purchasing and Stock Control
The more general use of Foodlogik’s PO and stock modules in the shops and the bakery means the need for more control. The new user authorisation levels mean that POs can only be raised and stock can only be adjusted within the appropriate value limits, so you can be sure that costs are under control. Similarly, the new Max Stock value on the ingredient screen means that unless you have the authorisation it is impossible to order too much stock.

New Van Reconciliation Reports
The wider take-up of the Android SmartVan module for van sales and stock control has led to the need for new Van Recon reporting, so that managers can quickly assess van stock and sales discrepancies and so gain more control of the van sales operation. Also, SmartVan users have identified these benefits since implementing the system:

1. Big savings on printer consumables - one customer saved £700 in year-one on tractor feed paper, over and above the till rolls used.
2. Saving office staff time to print and re-print Delivery Notes
3 .Proof of delivery by saving the customer signature as a PDF, which can be viewed on the Foodlogik orders screen.
4. Lock down cash handling. The customer gets a pirnted receipt for cash collected.
5. Customer address and phone number displayed on the tablet
6. The ability to log extra sales, damaged or returned stock
7. Driver can place future orders "on the go"
8. Tablet data gets uploaded to FoodLogik (no double data entry)
9. Low cost equipment and you could use your use existing Android devices
10. All for £29 per van pcm !!

Bar-coded Van-Load/Unload Module    
For snack van operators, it’s vital to keep track of stock loaded onto and off the van so it can be reconciled with the daily takings. To make the process quick and cost effective, Foodlogik has a new bar-coded van-load/unload module which when coupled with a new order picking report means that vans can be loaded just as quickly while ensuring stock on the vans and in the central warehouse is right up to date.

Import Returns and Credits for Scotmid and Coop
Processing returns and credits has always been a costly and time-consuming affair, as well as being prone to error with the occasional unwelcome surprise if the credit is more than was expected. Working closely with Scotmids IT department, we have developed a new program to import the stock, sales and returns per store, and to optionally generate a credit. The process can work with weekly or daily invoices. If the latter, EDI invoices and credits can be generated making the process even more “hands-off”. Thus the returns and credits will be more accurate than with hand-entered date and the procedure is far more efficient.
As an added bonus, Foodlogik can then use the stock import to net-off average orders so that the suggested orders are more accurate with less over-ordering (and therefore returns).
For bakers who supply Coop, Foodlogik can import a Coop standard credits file. The program looks up the Foodlogik invoice to get the price details and the credits are then generated automatically.
Using our Excel import tools, Foodlogik can also import Coop six-week sales history and generate the next days suggested orders.

New EDI Interfaces
Foodlogik has added several new interface formats including Procure Wizard, TradeSimple and XEDI to our existing library. In addition the standard EDI file formats are supported – Tradacomms, Edifact and XML. This means that when your customers or suppliers need to trade electronically, it is never a problem for Foodlogik.

New Accounts Interfaces
Foodlogik has added Xero and QuickBooks to the long list of accounting packages we interface with. For both Sage and Xero, Foodlogik now also has a nominal accounts interface, so you can use Foodlogik as the sales ledger but still interface the necessary summarised nominal postings.

Customer Payment Days
In a highly beneficial enhancement to the accounting module, Foodlogik now allows you to set up payment days for each customer and to use this to select the new enhanced aged debtors reports. To see the details of how to use this feature, click here:

Capture and Track Labour Costs
Capturing and tracking labour costs is vital to profitability so Foodlogik now allows:
• Recording of labour productive and non-productive labour hours
• Analysis of utilisation, productivity and efficiency
• Labour recovery against shift wages

Pallet Stock Control and Labels
Very many if not most of our customers trade with regional and national retailers, and manufacture largely to forecast and sell from stock, often delivering by the pallet-load. The Foodlogik Works Orders module can generate unique stock pallet records and print pallet labels automatically, which enables stock to be scanned onto the container by pallet and a loading document to be printed. This does away with hand-generated pallet tickets and loading dockets, making the procedure far less error-prone and much more efficient. This level of control and documentation is vital given the value of stock involved where one pallet load is often worth hundreds of pounds in revenue.

Sales and Production Forecasting Modules
There are several new ways of forecasting and planning at weekly and daily level with Foodlogik. The initial forecast can be based on open sales orders, six-week sales history or imported from a spreadsheet. The plans can show projected hours vs available to help you plan the weekly production schedule and labour requirements. The forecast also generates the scheduled ingredient requirements per day or week, netted off from stock and existing purchase orders. The ingredient schedule is colour coded (i.e. green  is OK and red is Not OK) so it’s easy to spot potential stock shortfalls. Click this  link    to see some detailed notes on the 14-day forecast, and see this link for notes on weekly

Upgraded Stevens Weighscales Interface
We have worked closely with our partner Stevens Traceability over several years to develop and refine the Foodlogik – Stevens interface. The interface covers recipes, works orders, stock batches and actual usage, and automatically batches-up production to allow for mix bowl sizes. The newest upgrade now includes a rework allowance, so that rework stock is created that can be offset against production while still retaining traceability.

Cycle Schedules
Cycle schedules are a more versatile form of permanent order that allow you to repeat orders at varying intervals. They can change every week over a set amount of weeks, then either close or move onto a different cycle. For example, week 1 might have orders only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday whereas week 2 would have orders on Tuesday and Thursday.

We hope you found this update useful. We are always interested to hear your comments and feedback, so feel free to contact Foodlogik on 01795 508750 or support if you need to know more!