Date published Tue 30th Aug'16

Food Industry Regulations Labelling

From the 13th December 2016 the Law demands that labels on pre-packaged foods HAVE to display the Nutritional Information.

Not wanting to muddy the water there are one or two exceptions in regards to printing Nutrient Information on labels, you may be exempt if:

1. Pre-packaged goods sold ONLY to own retail outlets
2. Pre-packaged goods sold LOCALY (not sure how they define Local)

You’ll need to check if your sales qualify within any exemption criteria if not read on:

The FoodLogik Product Technical Specification module has all you need to meet the legal requirements

FoodLogik calculates the information based on the manufacturers data sheets, as does the market leader (Nutricalc) and our immediate competitors in the food manufacturing arena.

The calculation method is perfect on the understanding correct data IN equates to correct data OUT hence meeting the legal requirements.
That said there are two exceptions where a Lab analysis would be a better option than the calculation method:

1. Products that conform to dietary requirements such as the Atkins Diet
2. Fried foods

Now for the good news

FoodLogik has so many benefits over many third-party applications:

a. One central repository for data i.e. Ingredients, Manufacturers Specification Sheets, Recipes etc.
b. No requirement to keep multiple databases up to date
c. FoodLogik is intuitive and easy to use
d. Extremely cost effective, ideal for R & D (saving on expensive Lab testing (circa £120 to £150 per test-product)
e. Provides fast and accurate calculations, fully compliant with the latest Legislation
f. Hold the manufacturers Ingredient Tech Spec sheets against the product
g. Hold product pictures against the product
h. Export CSV files to any Label Package that accepts CSV import e.g Bartender Professional, PlanGlow Label Logik Etc.
i. Multiple print formats available
j. For those of you supplying the supermarkets Damian at Enterprise Foods has sanctioned our Tech Spec module.