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Sun 21 Jun'20
We Ask: Is Home Shopping Here To Stay? It's doubtful that many food producers would have entertained the idea of offering home deliveries before the lockdown. To those that did, it was a valuable lifeline - typically these high value trades can be upwards of £25 to £45 per order. See how Merit helped by designing a Home Delivery Module completely FOC, which equally could be used for the Catering Market e.g. buffet platters, drinks, fruit, cutlery, condiments or Xmas hampers... read more

Sat 06 Jun'20
Just like our customers Foodlogik never stops! We're always adding more and more new features to help you process your orders swiftly and efficiently, with one major focus being on making home deliveries efficiently profitable. Our bakery dairy and foodservice customers are delighted to find how well Foodlogik supports cash/counter sales, bakery boxes, round planning and packing lists all completely as standard. See or call 01795 508750.. read more

Tue 02 Jun'20
Product Labelling - let Foodlogik do the heavy lifting! If your customers need you to provide end-to-end batch traceability, just use Foodlogik’s automatic batch recording to print a label for each incoming supplier delivery, which makes your stock far easier to identify and rotate within the warehouse - and also means you can use the Android Stock Manager module for on-line stock checking. Also, Foodlogik can generate product labels comprising batch number, use-by date, full ingredient declaration and nutritional information... read more