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Foodlogik is a tried and trusted, complete bakery software solution, for all your control and business management needs. Designed through twenty years of experience in the field Streamline provides an incomparable mix of depth of function, ease of use and easy customisation.

For the past twenty years Merit Technology has provided over one hundred and twenty customers with excellent levels of support automating their production processes.

"Having had Foodlogik Bakery Software installed here some time ago, I would take this opportunity to thank you and your colleagues for the excellent and professional service you provided throughout the installation and for your ongoing support."
- Jim Ferguson, Fergusons Bakers Limited, Kilmarnock

Latest News

Fri 04 Dec'20
Mathiesons Bakery implement Foodlogik's powerful Production Control, Traceability and Stock Control modules in a well-managed project that is having significant benefits. .. read more

Mon 30 Nov'20
This brand-new Foodlogik module is designed to capture QA tests electronically, doing away with all that paperwork. Startup and production testing can now be recorded on-line, flagging up issues that need to be dealt with and allowing corrective actions to be recorded... read more

Fri 16 Oct'20
Breadwinner MD Kris McVey says “We really appreciate the continued partnership with Foodlogik".See @Merit_Tech for news about suggested ordering and product labelling updates.. read more

Featured Downloads

  • SJB Foods - Foodlogik Key to Growth
    Foodservice supplier SJB Foods describe how Foodlogik has helped them increase their efficiency and performance during a period of rapid growth.
    Added 14 Oct
  • Vanlogik Link to Google Maps
    Manage the round the easy way with VanLogik. Just tap the address and jump straight to Google maps to get directions to site.
    Added 30 Dec
  • Foodlogik Labels and Batch Traceability
    If your customer needs you to provide batch traceability, you can switch Foodlogik’s batch recording on at any time and print a label for each incoming supplier delivery, which makes your stock far easier to identify and rotate within the warehouse - and also means you can use the Android Stock Manager module for on-line stock checking. Also, Foodlogik can generate product labels whether or not you have full stock control.
    Added 29 Dec
  • Grouts the Bakers on a drive to reduce waste
    Read about how Grouts the Bakers are using Foodlogik and C2Epos to drive down shop waste and improve stock availability using suggested ordering.
    Added 15 Jun