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Merit Foodlogik

FoodlogiK is one of the UK’s leading integrated business process control and management solutions, designed to meet the specific and demanding requirements of the food industry. Through the use of our systems, we are helping to drive up sales, productivity and profitability in all areas of the food industry.

Merit FoodlogiK is a feature-rich software suite designed to cover all aspects of organisational and administrative efficiency in a food or food-related business. It’s fully functional modules will help to control costs and improve efficiency in:

  • Your Office
  • Your Production
  • Your Shops
  • Your Delivery Vans

Our objective is to give our customers an outstanding return on investment which is achieved by providing strict management control of all processes, leading to improved efficiency, lower costs and increased profitability.

Call us today on (+44) 01795 508750 to book your free System Scoping session. One of our team will visit your company, go through your current procedures with you, and explain how Merit FoodlogiK could optimise your methods of working, and indicate the level of financial benefit. Alternatively, email us at

Latest News

Thu 31 Dec'20
Let Foodlogik do the heavy lifting! Foodlogik prints labels for each incoming supplier delivery and can generate product labels whether or not you have full stock control... read more

Thu 31 Dec'20
Foodlogik anounces new comprehensive technical exports for entry to the Enterprise Foods website.. read more

Tue 12 May'20
Foodlogik never stops! We're always adding more and more new features to help you process your orders swiftly and efficiently, with the current focus being on home delivery and wholesale customers... read more

Featured Downloads

  • Vanlogik Link to Google Maps
    Manage the round the easy way with VanLogik. Just tap the address and jump straight to Google maps to get directions to site.
    Added 30 Dec
  • Forecasting and Planning with Foodlogik
    Whether you’re a supplier of fresh products baked to order or need to make to forecast and despatch from stock, the challenge every week is to schedule production to cover all expected/forecast customer orders, while at the same time not creating too much unsaleable stock. Foodlogik has a wide range of standard integrated features that allow you to ditch those ever more complicated spreadsheets.
    Added 29 Dec
  • Foodlogik Despatch Tracking
    When picking stock for delivery, Foodlogik shows you how much batch life is left so you don’t miss the minimum “days into depot” allowed. At any time after despatch, you can record what batches were shipped to give full traceability and so the batch details can be printed on the delivery note or invoice. You can also print pallet tickets for palletised goods when recording production so you can utilise Foodlogik's Android PalletLogik module.
    Added 29 Dec
  • Foodlogik Labels and Batch Traceability
    If your customer needs you to provide batch traceability, you can switch Foodlogik’s batch recording on at any time and print a label for each incoming supplier delivery, which makes your stock far easier to identify and rotate within the warehouse - and also means you can use the Android Stock Manager module for on-line stock checking. Also, Foodlogik can generate product labels whether or not you have full stock control.
    Added 29 Dec
  • PalletLogik - Pallet Loading Module
    Foodlogik's Android Stock App now has a comprehensive Pallet Loading module, PalletLogik, to make it far easier to generate load sheets and keep track of your pallet stock on-line. For more information, click this link.
    Added 23 Dec
  • Chartwells School Meals Kitchens
    Chartwells use Foodlogik to process thousands of school meal orders weekly over several sites and distribution centres. Read about how they selected and implemented Foodlogik to help manage this, improving efficiency and saving signficant admin time.
    Added 13 Sep
  • Grouts the Bakers on a drive to reduce waste
    Read about how Grouts the Bakers are using Foodlogik and C2Epos to drive down shop waste and improve stock availability using suggested ordering.
    Added 15 Jun
  • Thomas Aulds Ltd
    Retail Baker Thomas Aulds Ltd replace their legacy system at their Greenock site and look forward to a bright future with Foodlogik ERP.
    Added 09 Feb
  • Feast Fare Implement Foodlogik
    Mobile catering business Feast Fare of Droitwich implemented Foodlogik from scratch in only a few weeks. Read here for the full story of how they are already saving significant amounts of admin time and achieving great benefits.
    Added 10 Jan
  • Turner Supplies Implement Foodlogik
    Turner Supplies chose Foodlogik as their business system and have never looked back
    Added 22 Dec
  • Product Specifications
    See for yourself how to set up and produce your own product specifications and ingredient declarations from within Foodlogik
    Added 30 Aug
  • Express Benefits from Foodlogik's Vanlogik Android App
    "This is exactly what I was hoping for all these years!" So says Director Malcolm Johnson, who would never go back to paperwork now that Vanlogik handles all of Express Bakery's delivery information.
    Added 27 Dec
  • Product Specifications
    Merit are delighted to announce the launch our brand new Product Specifications module, which generates full product specifications, including ingredient declarations, additives, nutritional values, allergens and much more. Once the system is set up, it becomes much more straightforward and less admin-intensive to conduct additive searches and to satisfy your audit requirements. For more information and a full web demonstration, contact us on 01795 508750.
    Added 20 Dec
  • How to Save Money using EDI
    Our customers describe how they have benefitted from integrating their EDI systems with Foodlogik orders, ASNs and invoices - read about it in this article.
    Added 14 Mar
  • Purchase Invoice Matching
    Register supplier invoices, match with goods received and pass to purchase ledger. Includes interface to Sage, Pegasus Opera as standard.
    Added 23 Nov